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 Castile Soap
 Nose 'n Toes
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   Beeswax Cream

   Lip Balm
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100% pure and natural honey. Depending on the season, there are many types, varieties and shades of honey from which to choose.


Bee Pollen

100% Natural Bee Pollen

    Sold in three sizes

      One Pound Jars - 16oz

      Half Pound Jars - 8oz

      Quarter Pound Jars - 4oz


100% Natural 
Castile Soap
All the  soaps are Castile (Olive Oil) 
One has  Oat Meal added, another has Lemon added, still another has pollen
and as always we still offer the plain beeswax


Nose 'n Toes


100% Natural Beeswax 
Pet Balm




Hand and Body Creams

Available in two handcrafted creams:

  Beeswax Almond Cream

  Gardener's Lavender Cream


images/Chap-eeZ Hebert  Chap-eeZ
For relief of RED, ROUGH, DRY skin


Lip Balm

Lip Balm, handcrafted from 100% Natural ingredients with natural SPF 15.

Available in:

  Single Tubes - .15 oz
2 Tubes for $5.00 
Display Box - 30 Ct


Beeswax Blocks
Cleaned and filtered beeswax sold in generous one ounce blocks.




For Customer Inquiries and Wholesale Orders contact:
Hebert Honey | 10 LIND ST | OXFORD | MA | 01540 | (508) 864-2538