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Spring is not too far away

and Honey Flow is fast approaching

Honey Flow

This winter has  been very hard on the bees.  It is very confusing to the bees to have the temperatures continually changing up and down.  They want to sleep in the cold but when it warms up they start to eat and consume all their winter stores.

We treated for mites this past year with Mite Away and Fumigilin with the hope of saving as many as we can.  It is believed that this die-off is due to pesticides and the unusual weather we have had this last fall and winter also Mites are the main culprit lowering the resistance of the bee and making them susceptible to viruses and disease
Here it is April and the bees seem strong and have had many cleansing flights.  6 of ten hives seem to have made it thus far.  The losses reported in this area for this past winter have been 50 to 90%  I guess we did pretty good.

The bees are flying and bringing in a lot of pollen and nectar.  This a good sign that there should be a lot of brood in the hive.  I will get into them all very soon to see how many I can split out to rebuild the apiary.




Thanks for sharing the process with us!


Dave Hebert



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