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100% Natural Chap-eeZ

Whatever the weather, chapped skin can be painful and an unwanted nuisance.  Chap-eeZ was developed to bring relief to red, rough, dry skin.   This hard working , gentle, wholesome and 100% natural cream can be used anywhere on your body.  Chap-eeZ has the same healing ingredients found in our Gardener's cream.  The perfect size tin for the ski jacket, diaper bag or nail apron.  Mothers use it for diaper rash and chapping  

  Sweet almond oil is the main ingredient, rich in antioxidants and emollients needed for healthy skin growth and maintenance.  Coconut and vitamin E oils combine with the healing power of honey and calendula.  Natural pure beeswax forms a protective layer, allowing the body to heal from the inside out

Hands need special care and this cream helps to heal nicks, cracks and small cuts.  Toes, ankles, dry, cracked and sore heels and feet also benefit from this versatile cream. 

Immediate sunburn relief and dry peeling afterward.

Take it to the beach and the slopes.  It will be ready to work when you need it. 

This versatile product is a must have for every home and workshop.
versatile product

We offer a 1oz plastic tin at $6.00 each, plus shipping and handling



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